Charles Sandford

The Honey lighting collection.

A decade after we first collaborated with design studio Coco Flip on their Coco Pendant light, we’ve helped them bring another beautiful lighting design to fruition. Their Honey Collection comprises pendants, table lamps and wall sconces in a highly refined design that recalls the winding furrows of a traditional honey dipper.

Honey pendant light in Black Japan finish

The Honey pendant light in Black Japan finish with pink hand-blown glass shade.

Fabricating the stepped timber base demands a combination of old and new woodworking methods. The initial hollowing-out process requires the detailed precision of our five-axis CNC machine, to accommodate electrical wiring and allow for fixing to the glass shade. But then each piece is finished by hand on the lathe before being sanded and stained with a selection of oils.

Honey lighting variations in slip-cast ceramic stoneware

The three different Honey lights can also be ordered with slip-case ceramic stoneware bases.

Consistent with Coco Flip’s approach, the production process is a collaboration with multiple local “makers”. The glass shades are hand-blown by Amanda Dziedzic Glass and as an alternative to the timber light fittings, the base can be ordered in beautiful slip-cast ceramic stoneware produced by Bendigo Pottery.

Photographed by Haydn Cattach.