Charles Sandford

The Coco Pendant light.

The Coco Flip design studio creates a range of lighting and furniture products, and works with different local craftspeople and manufacturers to bring them to reality, with the highest standards of construction. Charles Sandford plays a role in the production of the Coco Pendant light. The part that we make – a turned piece of Victorian ash timber – combines with a powdercoated aluminium shade to produce what the designers describe quite aptly as being "like a beautiful, heavy yo-yo at the end of its string."

The Coco Pendant light with shades in the Anotec Off White and Matt Black colourways.

The lights are made to order, and can be specified with natural or dark oil to the timber component, and with the shade in off-white, matt white or matt black. We don't know which combination is our favourite, but we do know that it's a great pleasure to work with local designers to make something unique, handcrafted and beautiful.

Almost finished – a Coco Pendant being oiled in the workshop.

An order of Coco Pendants halfway through the production process.

If you like what you see here, you can order the Coco Pendant (in regular and mini versions) directly from the Coco Flip website!

Production process photographed by Fran Parker. Product photographed by Haydn Cattach.