Charles Sandford

The Otway Dining Table.

We’ve been lucky enough to bring many beautiful dining table designs to life and the Otway Dining Table, designed by Justin Hutchinson for Kett, is one of the finest. The version we contribute to combines a solid oak base with a flawless slimline porcelain top, the two materials combining to create a refined look and inviting tactility.

Detail view of Kett's Otway Dining Table

These clean joints conceal a much more complex connection between internal components.

Previously manufactured by artisans in Italy, the table base can now be made locally, thanks to the classical hand skills of our team, but also the incredible precision of our five-axis CNC machine. This is particularly important in crafting the complex joins between the upper frame and legs, which enable the table to maintain its minimalist rectilinear form.

Kett's Otway Dining Table and Otway Armchairs

Kett's Otway range also includes these beautiful matching chairs.

The entire Kett range is available for order exclusively through Cosh Living and while the Otway Dining Table comes in a range configurations, we obviously have a special attachment to this one!