Charles Sandford

Forum Melbourne refurbishment.

Anyone whose been to the Forum – and that's most of Melbourne – will remember the booth seating in the raised rear section of the theatre. And you'll remember turning up for a gig, walking through to the theatre floor and wishing you'd got there earlier so you could snaffle a seat and a table. Well, now that it's been refurbished by owners Marriner Group, you might feel even more jealous...

The booths span multiple levels in the back half of the theatre.

The redesigned and rebuilt booths, which we fabricated, are more comfortable than ever, and they look fantastic, with Tasmanian oak timber panelling on the external face that twists slightly, thanks to each panel's asymmetrical profile. The floor beneath the booths steps up towards the rear of the theatre, meaning that fabrication demanded great attention to detail and precision to ensure they fitted perfectly. We also made all-new tabletops around which the booths curve, as well as handrails and doors to the toilets.

The refurbished Forum Melbourne is looking so good, it might even motivate you to get there earlier next time!